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C League Final to be played on Tuesday 8th May - Buchanan & Pitts Misfits v Browne Craine Dragons

2 May 2018

The final of the C league will be played at the NSC on Tuesday 8th May between Buchanan & Pitts Misfits v Browne Craine Dragons. Buchanan & Pitts Misfits qualify as winners of the Pre-Christmas half of the season and Browne Craine Dragons qualify as winners of the Post-Christmas half of the season. The Final should be an exciting match with both teams quite evenly matched so come along and support a team! If you are a C league player come and get some free squash as 4 courts have been booked but only 2 will be used for the match, why not play a game then cheer on a team. If you are an A or B league player then it would be great if you would Referee/Mark one of the final matches, it would be good to have impartial and independent referees for the final match - if you feel you could Referee/Mark then let me know so I can allocate you to a match.