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28 May 2018

Amaline Batty of Jewel Tech Ladies Squash Team is player of the season. She has more than doubled her playing level over the course of the season and constantly put in good competitive performances for her team, her improvement level was 105.5%. The second placed player is Vusimbe Zivave, this is his first season of league squash and he is adjusting the the demands of competition well. His per centre increase over the season is 91.5%. The third placed player is the Browne Craine Dragons captain Jon Shepherd who has broken into the 1,000 point and above level this season. He has played in 43 ranking matches over the course of the season (league, tournament and cup matches) and has been 'mega' competitive in everyone. He has worked hard to get better and the 81.2% increase in playing level is fully justified.
The top 5 players for the season are listed below -
1 Amaline Batty - points moved from 183 to 376 = 105.5%
2 Vusimbe Zivave - points moved from 130 to 249 = 91.5%
3 Jon Shepherd - points moved from 703 to 1274 = 81.2%
4 Max Birchall - points moved from 182 to 315 = 73.1.%
5 James Leith - points moved from 439 to 754 = 71.8%