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Conister Racketeers Pioneers in Top of Table Clash

9 Mar 2018

In the A league this week X Stoneart enjoyed a victory over close rivals easyGym. At numbers two and five Stoneart's Steve Baker and Mark Henson enjoyed relatively easy 3-0 wins. At four easyGym's Dave O'Neill also won 3-0. At three was an epic battle between two experienced players, Steve Gaylor of Stoneart and Steve Morley of easyGym. In this ding-dong battle the two Steve's kept swapping ascendancy with Morley eventually taking the 5th game 15-6. With the match drawn at 2-2 Hamish Thornton took on Paul Barnett and won 3-2 in five very close games taking the match for Stoneart.

Division A Table toppers Team AON beat E-Cerebro 4-1 to remain undefeated this year. AON's Robin Crease , Mason McLarney and Chris Cave won their matches 3-0. Ambitious Ben Peach took a game off Jason Crease and gained some valuable points for E-Cerebro. Ashley Sandyford Sykes prevented the whitewash by winning at one for E-Cerebro, beating fellow Island player Pat Fitzpatrick 3-1.

The current top two in the B League served up another thriller on Thursday evening as the Conister Pioneers threatened to inflict a rare defeat on perennial champions Island Exhausts.
Once again, however, Exhausts managed to snatch a 3-2 victory from the jaws of defeat, Douglas Jacobsson coming from two games down to beat Daf Lewis in what would turn out to be the deciding match between the two sides' number twos.
Also claiming wins for Exhausts were the lower order of James Martin and Pat Russell with Rob Boyles and Calum Baker offering up the Racketeers' reply.

In the other B league match Sharks beat Outcasts 4-1 with Liam Davies taking the only win for Outcasts at two. The closest match of the night was between Mark Stratford for Sharks and Stuart Highy. Mark took the first two games and Stuart took the third, all with close scores. However Mark came back in the fourth with determination and took it 15-6. Other wins for Sharks went to Mark Webster-Smith, Jon Shephard and Greg Ansara,

In the C league Junior Academy beat Dandara Falcons 3-2 in a close encounter, with Falcons winning on points before Juniors claimed the bonus 25. Falcons Jon Cox and Blake Ronald had comfortable 3-0 wins. Junior Oliver Waite played some astounding squash to beat Phil Mackie in three games with some great retrieves and varied shots from both players. Junior Ben Leith had a good win against Falcons Aidan McCusker who took him to five games and just lost out 45-44. In the deciding match at one Falcons Ian Barnes played well to take the higher ranked Carl Albright to a fifth game, but Carl won the fifth as Ian tired, giving the win to the Juniors.

C-league leaders Dohle Stars had a close but deserving 3-2 win over the Misfits. There were no five-setters in this match but still some close games. Jon Watterson and Dewi Lord had the closest match at two with Lord taking the win for Dohle 4-1.

Jewel Tech Juniors came up against Browne Craine Dragons, with the most entertaining and closest match of the night between Emma Leith and Richard Creer. Although Richard took a final 3-0 win, the scores were 41-45 showing how hard fought all three games were with some fantastic rallies and impressive squash from both players.
Despite many great games the Jewel Tech juniors just couldn't quite match the powerful shots of the Dragons who took a full 250 points with all 5 games.

it was a close night at the derby of the two C league racketeers teams, with the final game of the night being the decider between Andrew Brown and Matt Corlett. Social media had been going crazy for this game all week and it did not disappoint taking five games to find the winner, with Corlett taking the win 3-2. This gave the win to Hansard Racketeers.

The Photograph is of Conister Pioneers Racketeers -
Left to Right - Barry Irvine, Rob Boyles, Calum Baker, Marc Taggert and Dafydd Lewis

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