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Dave Karran Memorial Squash Tournament 2017

26 Sep 2017

The Dave Karran Memorial Squash Tournament 2017 took place at the NSC last week with the final played on Friday 22nd September. There were 18 entries.
In the first round of the tournament four matches went to 5 games. These were between Douglas Jacobsson, who recently returned to the island from a year in Malta, and Stuart Highy - Stuart upset the seedings by taking the match 11 -9 in the 5th game. Liam Townsend, a student at Lancaster University keen to play some squash during his summer break, came up against Mike O’Brien - Liam also upset the seedings by clinching the 5 game thriller despite being 2-0 down. The experience of Rob Colquit got the better of the youth and energy of Calum Baker - despite being 10-7 down in the fifth game Rob held his nerve to win the final game. The 8th verse 9th seed was another cracking match, it brought together Dave Freer and Mark Grace who played a great match of squash with Dave Freer eventually getting the result.
The second round of matches mainly went with the seedings with the exception of one match. Douglas Jacobsson was gradually improving with every match and had yet another 5 game thriller, this time it was with the continually improving Phil Whittam. Phil took the match in 5 games.
The third round of matches saw the two tournament semi-finals. The 1st and 4th seeds met but island player Ashley Sandyford Sykes was just too strong for Steve Baker and took the match in 3 games. The other semi final was between Hamish Thornton and Mike Hayler, Hamish dropped only one game against Mike on his way to a final against Ashley. No matches went to 5 games in this round but Stuart Highy and Dave Freer, Calum Baker and Peter Sharples and Terry Holt and Lucy Kerr all enjoyed competitive matches which went to 4 games before a victor came forth.
The final round of matches was played on Friday night. All but one of these matches went to 4 games. The 15th spot was clinched by Jon Shepherd who defeated Terry Holt; at 13th spot Douglas Jacobsson defeated Lucy Kerr; the 11th ranked player was Calum Baker who got the better of Phil Whittam; there was a super match between Mark Grace and Peter Sharples for the 9th position with Mark winning the vital points.
The top half of the draw saw Stuart Highy beat Liam Townsend in 4 hard fought games to take the 7th place; two regular A league players met for the 5th place - Rob Colquit took it with a good 3-1 victory over Dave Freer. The bronze spot was claimed by ‘ironman’ Mike Hayler who chased everything down to defeat Steve Baker 3-0 in yet another close encounter.
The Final match was between Hamish Thornton and Ashley Sandyford Sykes. These 2 players promised to give us a cracking final as it pitted the pace of Ashley against the control of Hamish - it did not disappoint. Ash took the first; but Hamish the second; Ash took the third; then Hamish took the 4th; so it all boiled down to who could win this 5th and final game. Hamish just managed to clinch it 11-9 but the winner truly was squash as everybody enjoyed a thoroughly entertaining match.
The Trophy was presented by Dave Karran’s brother, Brian, to the 2017 champion Hamish Thornton. The IOMSRA would also like to thank Dave Karran’s brothers for their continued support of this pre-season tournament.