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5 Sep 2018

The IOMSRA DIVISION C will be contested for by 9 teams this season. The 9 teams are - Browne Craine Dragons (last seasons winners), Buchanan & Pitts Misfits (winners of the Pre Christmas half of the league last season), Dandara Falcons, Hansard Racketeers, Santander Racketeers Academy, Dohle Stars, Jewel Tech Juniors, Junior Academy and new to the division this year Island Exhausts Vets. I have attached an image of the fixtures to this post, I will also email out fixture lists to the team captains and the fixture list can be seen below -
18-Sep-18 Jewel Tech Juniors V Junior Academy
18-Sep-18 Hansard Racketeers V Island Exhausts Vets
21-Sep-18 Buchanan & Pitts Misfits V Dohle Stars
21-Sep-18 Dandara Falcons V Santander Academy Racketeers
25-Sep-18 Santander Academy Racketeers V Buchanan & Pitts Misfits
25-Sep-18 Dohle Stars V Hansard Racketeers
28-Sep-18 Island Exhausts Vets V Jewel Tech Juniors
28-Sep-18 Junior Academy V Browne Craine Dragons
2-Oct-18 Hansard Racketeers V Browne Craine Dragons
2-Oct-18 Buchanan & Pitts Misfits V Junior Academy
5-Oct-18 Dandara Falcons V Island Exhausts Vets
5-Oct-18 Santander Academy Racketeers V Dohle Stars
9-Oct-18 Dohle Stars V Dandara Falcons
9-Oct-18 Island Exhausts Vets V Buchanan & Pitts Misfits
12-Oct-18 Junior Academy V Hansard Racketeers
12-Oct-18 Browne Craine Dragons V Jewel Tech Juniors
16-Oct-18 Buchanan & Pitts Misfits V Jewel Tech Juniors
16-Oct-18 Dandara Falcons V Browne Craine Dragons
19-Oct-18 Santander Academy Racketeers V Junior Academy
19-Oct-18 Dohle Stars V Island Exhausts Vets
23-Oct-18 Island Exhausts Vets V Santander Academy Racketeers
23-Oct-18 Junior Academy V Dandara Falcons
26-Oct-18 Browne Craine Dragons V Buchanan & Pitts Misfits
26-Oct-18 Jewel Tech Juniors V Hansard Racketeers
30-Oct-18 Half Term Week - NO MATCH
2-Nov-18 Half Term Week - NO MATCH
6-Nov-18 Dandara Falcons V Hansard Racketeers
6-Nov-18 Santander Academy Racketeers V Jewel Tech Juniors
9-Nov-18 Dohle Stars V Browne Craine Dragons
9-Nov-18 Island Exhausts Vets V Junior Academy
13-Nov-18 Tournament - Douglas Open
16-Nov-18 Tournament - Douglas Open
20-Nov-18 Junior Academy V Dohle Stars
20-Nov-18 Browne Craine Dragons V Santander Academy Racketeers
23-Nov-18 Jewel Tech Juniors V Dandara Falcons
23-Nov-18 Hansard Racketeers V Buchanan & Pitts Misfits
27-Nov-18 Browne Craine Dragons V Island Exhausts Vets
27-Nov-18 Jewel Tech Juniors V Dohle Stars
30-Nov-18 Hansard Racketeers V Santander Academy Racketeers
30-Nov-18 Buchanan & Pitts Misfits V Dandara Falcons
4-Dec-18 T1 V T2
4-Dec-18 T3 V T4
7-Dec-18 T5 V T6
7-Dec-18 T7 V T8
11-Dec-18 Tournament - Christmas H/C Tournament