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IOMSRA Fixtures - Weeks after Easter and before TT

12 Apr 2018

After the Easter break we have 5 weeks of the season left. The first 2 weeks we will finish off the League fixtures. Although one of the C league fixtures has had to move from a Friday night to Tuesday 1st May to accommodate the IOM Blitz competition.
The chart shows we have ‘A’ league Events or fixtures on Monday 30th April. This will be used for the League final if one is needed, an ‘A’ League competition that has yet to be decided upon or maybe an ‘A’ league club night.
For ‘B’ and ‘C’ league teams we will play the SRA Cup, which is a Handicapped Team Competition. As you can see from below we will have 9 nights on which to play this event which means 18 matches. However 2 of these matches may have to be uses to play ‘B’ and/or ‘C’ league finals, I have said that they will be played on Thursday 3rd May and Friday 4th May however these dates may not be ideal so I will contact the teams involved in the Final to see which are the best dates to play the fixtures. So we will have 16 to 18 matches to be played as part of the SRA Cup.
The plan for the Cup is to have 4 pools of 3 teams – each of the Pools will consist of a B league team, a top 4 C league team, and a bottom 4 C league team. The teams in these Pools will play each other once with each team being the home team on at least one occasion. After this round of matches we will off played 12 matches.
After this we will have 4 teams that are top of the Pools, these will play 2 semi-Finals followed by a Final and a 3rd/4th place play off. After this round of matches has been played we will have played an additional 4 matches. After the end of next week I should have a better idea if we will need to play ‘B’ and ‘C’ league finals so I can firm up dates and fixtures with you.