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7 Sep 2018

I have completed the draw for the Manx Pronto Dave Karran Memorial Tournament 2018. The Tournament has received 30 entries and it will be played on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday next week, between 6.30pm and 9.30 pm. If you want to see some 'top' Squash then come along on the Friday night to see the final, it is scheduled for 8pm. After the final the will be a Short Awards presentation by Bill and Brian Karran, the brothers of the late Dave Karran, they will present the winners awards. The draw for the first round is shown below and on the attached image -
1 Thomas Whiteway
32 Bye
2 Hamish Thornton
31 Bye
3 Mason McLarney
30 Dave Johnson
4 Jason Crease
29 Fatheha Essa
5 Mike Hayler
28 Steven Wright
6 Steve Baker
27 Antony Bentley R
7 Dafydd Lewis
26 Luke Tippett
8 Mark Webster S
25 Michelle Smith
9 Steve Morley
24 Jon Cox
10 Calum Baker
23 Jas Singh
11 Ben Peach
22 Lucy Kerr
12 Rob Colquitt
21 Beth Jones
13 Mark Grace
20 Brian Cowley
14 Liam Davies
19 Terry Holt
15 Dave Freer
18 Liam Townsend
16 Magnus Lamprecht
17 Dean Sowerby