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8 Feb 2018

In the A league International Divers won a close match 3-2 against E-Cerebro but E-cerebro came away with more points. This was due to a walkover at five and a very convincing win for Dave Freer over Les Callow at four. The Divers’ Kevin Watterson and Rob Colquit then went on to win in very close 3-2 encounters. The highlight was the match between the current top two players on the Island, Dave Norman and Ashley Sandyford Sykes, which Dave won in 3 games to cement his position as Island number one and take the win for Divers.

In the other A league match Team AON gained a convincing 4-1 victory over X Stoneart. Dafydd Lewis made his debut in the A league but went down 3-1 to Mason McLarney. Young Liam Davies beat the even younger Calum Baker 3-1. Robin Crease and Chris Cave had convincing wins at 2 and 4. Hamish Thornton gained the only win for X-Stoneart, beating Pat Fitzpatrick 3-1.

In the B League Sharks beat Outcasts in a very close match. Greg Ansara, Dave Freer and Mike O’Brien all won close 3-2 matches for Sharks against Phil Whittam, Mark Henson and Stuart Highy respectively. At number five Phil Mackie once again showed his never ending determination against Richard Webster but in the end Richards experience saw him through to a 3-1 win. Liam Davies managed Outcasts only win on the night against Mark Stratford.

In the other B league match Island Exhaust oldies, Ian Sheard and Les Callow gave the youngsters from Conister Racketeers Pioneers, Marc Taggert and Matt Corlett a run for their money. Ian's game proved too wily for Marc on the night and Les did everything but win in the first two games against Matt but lost 3-0. At 2 and 3 Douglas Jacobson and Pat Russell had really challenging matches against Dafydd Lewis and Calum Baker respectively. Both matches were very competitive with Doug winning for Exhausts but Calum taking the win for Racketeers. Given this was such a close fixture it was a real shame that Rob's work commitments meant that he was unable to play Dave at the top of the order, as with the score at 2-2 this match would have been the deciding match.

The C League saw another close match between Browne Craine Dragons and Dandara Falcons, this time with the win going to the Dragons 3-2. Wins for Dragons went to Chloe Quilliam, Les Callow and Jon Shephard. The match of the night was between Phil Mackie for Falcons against Dragons Phil Whittam who played a five set thriller. Mackie showed determination and just a bit more stamina to take the fifth game and a win for the Falcons. Lewi Long continued his fine form with the other win for Falcons.

The match between Racketeers Academy and Buchanan & Pitts Misfits ended in a 4-1 victory to the Misfits. There were convincing 3-0 wins for Misfits John Watterson and Jay Dernie at 3 and 5 and 3-1 wins for captain Andy Dixon and Stephen Pitts. The Racketeers Academy’s only victory came from the ever-improving Andrew Brown who beat Terry Holt in the first string match by a score of 3-1 in 4 very tight games.

The Hansard Racketeers picked up their first win of 2018 on Friday with a 247-163 victory over an under-strength Jewel Tech side. Youngsters Amaline Batty, Christian Webster and Rebecca Keeley battled hard at one, two and three respectively before losing in straight sets to their Racketeers' opponents. Rania Gomaa picked up the teens' only win of the night when she edged out Graeme 'Geece' Cole at five, before Emma Leith threatened to take a second only to be denied by an uncharacteristic comeback by Racketeers' skipper Andy Dalrymple.

Dohle Stars beat the Junior Academy by a score of 3-2. At 1 and 2 the experience of Carl Albright and the youth of Oliver Waite bettered Brian Cowley and Sachet Baniya 3-0 and 3-1 respectively. But yet again Dohle Stars strength in depth won the fixture for them with 3-0 victories for Antony Bentley Roberts, Luke Tippett and Eckhard Garbers over Leighton Ginty, Aaron Rumney and Ben Leith. Dohle Stars won 216-169 and these points took them to the top spot in the league table.

The featured picture this week is the ‘Sharks’.
They are Left to Right - Dave Freer (Captain), Mike O’Brien, John Coppell, Mark Stratford and Greg Ansara