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SRA Cup - Week 3 and Round 3 plus Final Matches

10 May 2018

The SRA Cup matches for Week 3 and Round 3 will be played on Monday 14th May and Tuesday 15th May. The matches along with the Handicaps are -
Monday 14th May -
Hansard Racketeers (134) v Dohle Stars (112) so add 22 to Hansard Racketeers
Jewel Tech Ladies Squash Team (152) v Buchanan & Pitts Misfits (113) so add 39 to Jewel Tech Ladies Squash Team
Tuesday 15th May -
Racketeers Academy (128) v Browne Craine Dragons (111) so add 17 to Racketeers Academy
Junior Academy (116) v Dandara Falcons (114) so add 2 to Junior Academy
SRA Cup next round - The Teams winning the 4 pools will progress to the Semi-Finals and then the Finals and Bronze medal matches, these will be played on Thursday 17th May and Friday 18th May. I will inform team Captains who will be playing on these nights after the matches finish on Tuesday. So you should know by Tuesday night if you will be playing on Thursday and Friday next week.