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3 Dec 2017

Week 8 of the IOMSRA league fixtures brought some close games in Division A. Dave Norman started the evening with a convincing win and despite several game balls, Stuart Highy for E-Cerebro also lost 3-0 giving the divers a good lead. David Freer fought hard with Gary Corlett and at 2-0 down appeared the match was lost. However David starting hitting deeper keeping gary at the back and came back to win. Mike Hayler fresh from 1:45 is syd quirk yesterday also sealed victory for eCerebro and levelling the match. Richard Corlett provided a steady ship to beat the unrelenting Ben peach and Divers won the match.

Team AON beat X Stoneart convincingly by 5-0 and 250-165 points, the result means that Team AON have secured the top spot in Division A. Hamish Thornton, Calum Baker and Steve Gaylor all took a game of their respective opponents but the best resistance was provided by Marc Taggert who lost by 1 point to Peer Ginty in his match.

A close competitive match narrowly won by Island Exhausts. Les Callow fought hard but was beaten 3-0 by the hard to read Phil Whittam. Ian Shirley lost to the newcomer Dee Kellly 3-1. Pat Russell showed good form to beat Stuart Highy only dropping 1 game to win 3-1. After a very tight second game Peter Sharples ran out a comfortable 3-0 winner. In a similar match Dave O'Neill won 3-0 against Liam Davies

The other B league match between Conister Racketeers Pioneers and the Sharks was a high scoring match with the Sharks securing the win by 247- 215 in points. The Racketeers 1 and 2, Dafydd Lewis and Calum Baker got the better of 5 game matches against David Freer and John Coppell. The Sharks won the bottom 3 matches with Mark Stratford just beating Marc Taggert in 45-43, Greg Ansara beat Barry Irvine and Terry Holt beat Andrew Brown.

Dragons back on track with a win over 3rd placed Juniors. First up were Michelle vs Oliver (Williams) and Richard vs Aaron at 3 & 5. Dragons took an early commanding lead with a 45-26 to michelle and a 45-28 win for Richard. Next up there were two very close games at 2&4 which were two games which could have easily gone either way and were effectively the deciders. Helen vs Leighton part 2 resulted in another close 3-2 victory in Helens favour coming from 2-1 down to take the match. Jon vs Oliver part 2 was another 5 game 'thriller'. Jon took an early 2-0 lead suffering a pulled hamstring towards the back end of the second game which nearly gave oliver the victory. Oliver then won back to back games whilst Jon struggled to move. If Helen hadn't been 2-1 down Jon (myself) was going to forfeit the match however refusing to give in forced the win in the last game by playing smart squash and making Oliver do all the running. Up last saw Les make his third appearance of the season in the absence of Chloe who played Carl in a fairly decent match, unfortunately the 'youth' of Carl was too much and Carl took Juniors first and only win of the night.
Another great round of squash which sees Dragons and Misfits pulling away from Falcons and Juniors to fight it out for the top spot.

A relatively easy victory for Buchanan & Pitts Misfits. Match of the night was between Terry and Ian with 5 games required but only 3 points separating the 2 players at the end!
Dohle Stars were without the talisman Captain Tony, but perhaps the gentle warm up instead of the punishing 'boast and drive' routines told, with Dohle Stars running out 5-0 winners on the night. Matches 2 to 5 were great games with wins for Eckhard Garbers, Luke Tippett, David Maddrell and Sachet Baniya against young and improving opponents who never let their heads drop. However, the game of the night was the #1's, with Dohle Stars marquee superstar Brian Cowley, back from sunning himself in Dubai, just edging a fantastic game with Beth Jones.

Another Friday night and a racketeers derby took place, though this time a different outcome, with the academy taking the win 247 to 121. This included a win for academy newbie James Martin. Game of the evening was between Andrew Brown and Matt Corlett, taking the full five sets to decide a winner. A potential foot fault by Andrew Brown brought the game to a halt, though after a review by S Wright and G Cole, no fault was seen and the game continued with Matt Corlett taking the final set for the away teams solo win of the night.

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