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IOMSRA Division A - First Half of Season Report

21 Dec 2016

Topping the table and 1st Half winners are ‘Team AON’. This team is new to the league this season and mainly comprises players who have learned their squash here on the island through the junior squash development program. They have been away to university but returned back to the Rock having developed their squash whilst across, they are having a real impact in the league. They played 8 matches and won 5 of the 8 matches played. Jason Crease, Mason McLarney and Chris Cave have put in some fine performances for the team.


IOMSRA First Half (Pre-Christmas) Report

18 Dec 2016

As we approach Christmas we have completed the first 10 weeks of league fixtures in the IOMSRA Squash leagues. The season is organised so that we now have a Pre-Christmas or 1st Half of the season winner in all the Divisions. In weeks 11 to 20 we repeat the fixtures played in Weeks 1 to 10 and we will end up with a Post-Christmas or 2nd Half of the season winner. If these teams are the same we will have an undisputed Division winner, however if they are different we will have a Division final in Week 21 of the season.


IOMSRA Division B - Half way point in Pre-Christmas half of season

13 Nov 2016

We have completed 5 weeks of fixtures of the IOMSRA Division B fixture list so we are now officially half way through the pre christmas fixture list.

The league has been dominated to date by last season winners - Island Exhausts, they have played 4 matches and won all 4 of them. One of their key players has been Peter Sharples, the Merseyside over 60’s player, he has shown some very good form and has only dropped 2 out of a possible 180 points for the team to date. This team are clearly favourites to win the league again.