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23 Sep 2015

Apologies for last minuet notice but Les is away and court only just booked. The Dave Karran competition will run 6-8pm on
Monday 28th
Tuesday 29th and Thursday 1st October.

Please either commit to going on Facebook, add a message to the IOM SRA website or email

SIGN UP at :


August Meeting Minutes

13 Aug 2015

IOMSRA Meeting – 07 Aug 2015

Venue: Douglas Bay Yacht Club - 7:00pm

Apologies - Les Callow, Ash Sykes, Mike Hayler,

Present: Helen Callow, Shannon Mylchreest, Carl Alrbright, Pat Fitzpatrick, Steve Baker, Steve Wright, Graeme Cole, Pete

3) Junior Development Report (CA / Pat F)

1) Treasurers Report not due for completion and sign of until 31 August, as per IOMSRA. AGM dates originally brought

forwarded to give outgoing and incoming officers opportunity to plan for forthcoming season, scheduled for October


Squash skills

30 Jul 2015

Month 3 from SquashSkills features Off-Season training - just in time to motivate and help us plan a suitable program to dominate the court come September! For full directions, click the following link and then the yellow button “+learn how to use the program”:

To view these videos you must first register for free to the website - follow the prompts when you click the images/links below.

VIDEO: Off-Season Training Intro