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IOMSRA News - Deadlines and Dates

10 Sep 2017

1. Deadline for teams entering into the league - Sunday 17th September. Although this is the deadline date please get your teams to me ASAP, it makes it easier for me to plan and organise the league.
2. Deadline for Individuals entering the 'DAVE KARREN MEMORIAL' Tournament - Sunday 17th September. Please get your entries to me ASAP, it makes it easier for me to organise the event.
3. Deadline for Paying Subscriptions and Fees to the IOMSRA - Saturday 30th September. This is the date for paying money to the IOMSRA for Individual and team registration.


Countdown to the start of Squash Season

27 Aug 2017

The Squash season starts in September, here are some key dates to help you get organised for its commencement.
Friday 1st September - IOMSRA Pre-Season Committee Meeting.
- A meeting to finalise some possible rule changes and other business
Sunday 3rd September - Invitation to players to enter teams
- I will email to you the League Rules and invite you to email me your teams for the coming season
Sunday 17th September - Closing Date for teams to enter the league